Welcome to the Beaux Arts Society!

Founded in 1857, the Beaux Arts Society is one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized organizations of artists and "patrons of the arts" in the world.

We are the sponsor of the original Beaux Arts Ball, first run as a costume ball in 1907. The Beaux Arts Ball is presided over by Royal Family members coronated King, Queen, Prince and Princess.

The Beaux Arts Society presents Leonardo da Vinci Awards to worthy individuals in the various "divisions of the arts."

We grant Distinguished Artist designation to those artists who have achieved excellence in their field.

Many of our members have been knighted for Artistic Achievement or for Personal Excellence by the Patriotic Order of the Knights of the Republic.

The Beaux Arts Society has four classes of membership (Foundation, Associate, Basic, and Honorary, which includes Advisory Board Members and Distinguished Artists) and four dues classes (Youth, Regular, Senior, and Life, which includes Royal Family Members).

Membership in the Beaux Arts Society is by invitation only! New members must be sponsored by a current member in good standing. If your application for membership is accepted, you will be admitted at no charge for a dues-free trial membership period. Membership dues in 2016 will be nominal ($15.00 if under age 30; $25.00 if between age 30 and 69; no dues if you are 70 or above). The Board of Directors has reduced the required payment of annual dues so one's financial situation is no bar to active membership. It is essential, however, that you be a friendly, tolerant and open-minded person with a love for the arts.

If you are interested in learning more about the Beaux Arts Society, contact Dr. Tom Stevens, President & General Counsel, by e-mailing him at BeauxArtsSociety@gmail.com or by calling him at 718-357-7075.


Established 1857

King Richard Skipper, Queen Lynne Charnay, Prince Charles Baran & Princess Bobbie Horowitz Reigning Royal Family Members coronated at the 110th Annual Beaux Arts Ball on November 5. 2016